Monday, 5 February 2018

News & 2018 Goals

We were born in small forums like this, we made a website with no money, no support by huge company and no superskills. We trained day by day and the website attracted several developers and players. There are still big Goliath to fight.

So, the 2017 was a great year for the indie games! So many cool games!

Those are the recently new features (and improvements) and the goals of the 2018!

first of all... The News!
  • improved the view of the website for mobile (easy to read and to navigate)
  • new area Challenges opened! It's in Events. It's still in beta but it's working good! The games showed are uploaded by few beta-devs
  • improved the Console area
  • improved the SEO of the Comments and News Pages

The Goals
  • it's coming new games in exclusive for indiexpo. If you love the TV series, you have to play the first one! It's very cool! 
    Landflix - the demo in exclusive for indiexpo
  • increase the visibility of the website in Russia, China, Corea and Japan
  • to improve the Suggestions Area with the best games to play for each gamer
  • we want to add a very transparent and good system to left the developers earn money. Also with a partnership program with few Devs!
  • to add a Virtual Memory Card to start to play your game on Desktop... And continue to play it on Mobile
  • to improve the indiepad feature, so the users can play those games automatically also on their phones.
indiepad on mobile?

Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to describe your own videogame? It's easy, use this free Game Design Document (GDD Template)

Hi game devs that are reading this blog! 
We want to share here a very good and useful document! It's the template of a Game design document (GDD) used by Devs to show their Games and their features. It is a highly descriptive living design document of the design for a video game.

A game design document may be made of text, images, diagrams, concept art, or any applicable media to better illustrate design decisions. Some design documents may include functional prototypes or a chosen game engine for some sections of the game. 

Here it's an example or better, a template, to use to describe your own game. It's made and share by Benjamin “HeadClot” Stanley.

<Your Game Name Here>

<Your Company Logo Here>
Revision: 0.0.0


Theme / Setting / Genre

         - <Insert Theme here>

Core Gameplay Mechanics Brief

         - <Gameplay Mechanic #1>
         - <Gameplay Mechanic #2>
         - <Gameplay Mechanic #3>
         - <Gameplay Mechanic #4>

Targeted platforms

         - <Example Platform #1 Here>
         - <Example Platform #2 Here>
         - <Example Platform #3 Here>

Monetization model (Brief/Document)

- <Monetization Type> (Premium, Paid Alpha/Beta/Final, Ad Driven, Micro-transactions, Subscription, etc.)
         - <Link to Monetization Document>
(How do you plan to monetize the game?)

Project Scope

         - <Game Time Scale>
                   - Cost? (How much will it cost?)
- Time Scale (How long will it take to make this game?)
- <Team Size>
         - <Core Team>
                   - Team Member name?
                            - What does he/she do?
                            - <Cost to employ them full time or part time>
                   - etc.
(List as many core team members as you need to)
- <Marketing Team>
                   - Team Member name?
                            - What does he/she do?
                            - <Cost to employ them full time or part time>
                   - Etc.
(List as many marketing team members as you need to)
         - <Licenses / Hardware / Other Costs>
         - <Total Costs with breakdown>

Influences (Brief)

         - <Influence #1>

                   - <Medium> (Television, Games, Literature, Movies, etc.)
- /Explain why this is an influence in 1 Paragraph or less/

         - <Influence #2>

                   - <Medium> (Television, Games, Literature, Movies, etc.)
                   - /Explain Why in 1 Paragraph or less/
- /Explain why this is an influence in 1 Paragraph or less/

         - <Influence #3>

                   - <Medium> (Television, Games, Literature, Movies, etc.)
- /Explain why this is an influence in 1 Paragraph or less/

         - <Influence #4>

                   - <Medium> (Television, Games, Literature, Movies, etc.)
                   - /Explain Why in 1 Paragraph or less/
- /Explain why this is an influence in 1 Paragraph or less/

The elevator Pitch

<A one sentence pitch for your game.>
Pretend that your were pitching your game to a executive going to the elevator. You have less than 60 Seconds.

Project Description (Brief):

<Two Paragraphs at least>
<No more than three paragraphs>

Project Description (Detailed)

<Four Paragraphs or more If needs be>
<No more than six paragraphs>

What sets this project apart?

         - <Reason #1>
         - <Reason #2>
         - <Reason #3>
         - <Reason #4>
         - <etc.>

Core Gameplay Mechanics (Detailed)

         - <Core Gameplay Mechanic #1>

                   - <Details>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/
                   - <How it works>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/

         - <Core Gameplay Mechanic #2>

                   - <Details>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/
                   - <How it works>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/

         - <Core Gameplay Mechanic #3>

                   - <Details>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/
                   - <How it works>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/

         - <Core Gameplay Mechanic #4>

                   - <Details>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/
                   - <How it works>
                            /Describe in 2 Paragraphs or less/

Story and Gameplay

Story (Brief)

<The Summary or TL;DR version of below>

Story (Detailed)

<Go into as much detail as needs be>
<Spare no detail>
<Use Mind Mapping software to get your point across>

Gameplay (Brief)

<The Summary version of below>

Gameplay (Detailed)

<Go into as much detail as needs be>
<Spare no detail>
<Combine this with the game mechanics section above>

Assets Needed

- 2D

         - Textures
                   - Environment Textures
         - Heightmap data (If applicable)
                   - List required data required - Example: DEM data of the entire UK.
         - Etc.

- 3D

         - Characters List
                   - Character #1
                   - Character #2
                   - Character #3
                   - etc.
         - Environmental Art Lists
                   - Example #1
                   - Example #2
                   - Example #3
                   - etc.

- Sound

         - Sound List (Ambient)
                   - Outside
                            - Level 1
                            - Level 2
                            - Level 3
                            - etc.
                   - Inside
                            - Level 1
                            - Level 2
                            - Level 3
                            - etc.

- Sound List (Player)
                   - Character Movement Sound List
                            - Example 1
                            - Example 2
- etc.
                   - Character Hit / Collision Sound list
- Example 1
                            - Example 2
- etc.
                   - Character on Injured / Death sound list
                            - Example 1
                            - Example 2
                            - etc.

- Code

         - Character Scripts (Player Pawn/Player Controller)
         - Ambient Scripts (Runs in the background)
         - Example
- NPC Scripts
         - Example
         - etc.

- Animation

         - Environment Animations
                   - Example
                   - etc.
         - Character Animations
                   - Player
- Example
- etc.
                   - NPC
                            - Example
                            - etc.


         - <Object #1>

                        - Time Scale
                            - Milestone 1
                            - Milestone 2
                            - Etc.

         - <Object #2>

                        - Time Scale
                            - Milestone 1
                            - Milestone 2
                            - Etc.

         - <Object #3>

                        - Time Scale
                            - Milestone 1
                            - Milestone 2
                            - Etc.

         - <Object #4>

                        - Time Scale
                            - Milestone 1
                            - Milestone 2
                            - Etc.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

12 Steps to Link your Game's News with your Social Accounts

Link your Game's News with your Social Accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc) now is very very easy, thanks to the Feed Rss made by indiexpo and IFTTT.

With this system you can save a lot of time!

And it is very easy and fast "to setup"! We can see how with 12 Steps!

Let's go!

1. Sign Up to IFTTT, going on its website

2. Click on My Applets

3. Now click on New Applet

4. Click on +this

5. Now click on RSS Feed

6. then click on New Feed item

7. Now here it is important part: in the Feed URL you have to put the link to your News. It's (obviously replace name-of-your-game with the name of your game...)

8. Click on +that

9. Now you can choose your social. Here we can try with Twitter (but you can also select Facebook, Pinterest, imgur or other social networks)

10. Click on Post a tweet

11. Now in the first part, you can put the main hashtags, like #gamedev, #devlog, #indiegame, etc., then the link and the content.

Here it is the base used (we suggest you to use this): #devlog #indiegame Link:  {{EntryUrl}} News: {{EntryContent}}

12. Click on Create action and then on Finish

Very easy, very fast, very effective.
This is the power of IFTTT + indiexpo feed rss!

What's the best moment to post News or Upload a game?

Here we are (again) with other website Stats (2017).
You can see what are the hottest hours and days on indiexpo.

You can use this table to see what's the best moment to upload your game or post News about it.
Where the blue is strong... they are the hottest hours. 
It's focused about the European (Rome-London-Berlin) Time Zone.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

indiexpo Facebook Stats

Facebook is actually the most important (and used) Social Network in the World.
As you already know, we have a fan page, called Indie Games.

It's going very good. We use it to share our videos, promote games, interview developers, post funny stuffs, give free tutorials, etc.

But... who's watching and following it?
Today we want to show you our Statistics!

Go with the first slide!

The 89% of our followers are Men. We already know that the men plays more videogames than women. 13-17 are only at the 4%. Also because the "new gen" is using also other Social Networks, like Snapchat or Instagram (and also because several users sign up on Facebook like 18).
As you can see the page is followed by 18-34.

Go with the second slide!

Contries and Cities. Italy is at the first place, also because the website was born in Italy and we're linked with a lot of italian forums and communities.
The views from Brazil is growing up fastly! We shared the website on Brazil Communities only in the last year... and it's going very good!

We hope to reach new players and devs this new year! 

Friday, 5 January 2018

2016 vs 2017 - Statistics

2017 is over! But how was going on the website? We can see together the Statistics!
Comparing 2016 vs 2017!
Let's go!

Overview abput the Users and Views



New Sessions:


Organic Search (like Google & Yandex):

( ==>> From Youtube: +19,611,76%!! Thanks to the Video-Playlist "The Best Games of the Month")

But... about the games?

Game Download:

It's good... but we can do better!!

Game Published/Updated:


Here you can see several interesting infos...

United States:


United Kingdom:





(Holy C**p!)


South Corea:

New views from several new countries also because in the 2017 we translated the website in other languages thanks to the help of great developers! Thank you guys!

2018... we're coming!!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

10 Most Downloaded Indie Games of 2017

Here there are the 10 Most Downloaded Indie Games on indiexpo during the 2017!
You can see every day what're the daily most downloaded games on the website... but... during the last year?

So! Let's start!

10. Wild Rage Giant Bluster

Game Page. It's an italian game made by Lusianl. Now with over 1,000 Downloads! It's a platform game and it's still a demo! We hope to see this year the full version! Good luck Lusianl!

9. Akuma no Gakko

Game Page. It was born in Italy but now is playable also in english. It's a classic rpg game ... with satanistic elements

8. The Maitre D

Game Page. This was one of the best Ludum Dare Entry ever, played by a lot of famous Youtubers in all the world. Funny and original!

7. The Laughing Isles

Game Page. Another classic Rpg with very..."sexy elements"!

6. Vorum Legados de Justiça

Game Page. It's a portuguese rpg game. Made by one of the best indie rpg dev in Brasil, StarGleen. Even if it's still a demo, it has a lot of views and downloads! We're sure that this year it will have more of 1,000 downloads and we hope to see also the full version!

5. Who hunts monsters

Game Page. One of the first Rpg that added the indiepad feature. It has over 5,000 downloads and their still growing up fastly! Also during the 2017, even if the game was published in 2016! Great work!

4. Land of Ecodelia

Game Page. It's a game showed in the TV Serie called Mr.Robot. It looks like a no sense game. Can it has an end? It's inspired by the Commodore old games.

3. Yume Nikki

Game Page. It's a myth. You can love or hate it. It's strange, misterious, creepy and cute. Over 8,000 download and still played year by year.

2. Hokuto no Ken

Game Page. With the latest updates it's growing up very fastly! Now with new characters, places and assets improved!

1. Pokemon vs Zombies

Game Page. A tribute to the famous brand it's playable in english or portugues.