Sunday, November 28, 2021

3 interesting games now on Kickstarter & indiexpo

Recently a lot of new Indie Games were uploaded on indiexpo website!

A lot a small teams or solo devs use this platform to upload also their free demos to reach feedbacks and improve their game to prepare a good crowfounding campaign!

During November there are three interesting crowfounding campaigns started on Kickstarter of games already released on indiexpo!

The first one is Heat Fragments!

It already passed Kickstarter, reaching over 12.000 $!

It is a very professional visual novel, with a small team but with amazing skills! We love anime and manga and here the level is very high!

Heart Fragment is a psychological otome game where your choices play an important role not just in the route you're on, but in the game as a whole. 

The result is hundreds of player choices to make, more than 100 CGs, two art styles to choose between, 6 routes, a highly customizable finale where you choose the "true ending", and an estimated total of 40 hours of content!

Make your way through 40+ endings - romantic, platonic, even a mix of the two for "the hope of romance to come". Stay on guard for bad endings... or dive headfirst into them and learn what information they can reveal to further advance the plot!

Kickstarter Page | Game Page

The second one is River Tails!

We noted and loved this game from the first time that it was uploaded on indiexpo!

The cartoon style is great and the animations are perfect!

Now it is live on Kickstarter and just passed the 50%!

River Tails: Stronger Together is a 3D co-op adventure platformer with a colourful cartoon aesthetic. Teammates must work together to defeat end-of-level bosses and solve puzzles across a range of natural-world environments. River Tails is perfect for all sorts of gaming partnerships: friends, couples, siblings, and even parents with their kids.

The main characters aren’t the most obvious partnership. In fact, these animals are often cast as enemies. Meet myth-busting mates Furple the cat and Finn the fish!

Play either as Furple, the curious and excitable purple kitten, or Finn, the independent fish with a bit of an attitude problem. You’ll embark upstream with these unexpected allies, towards the icy mountain where Furple’s family are in mortal danger. Can you save them in time? To make progress up the river, you’ll need to master just two core actions: jumping and grabbing.

Good luck guys!

Kickstarter Page | Game Page

The last one is ONA.

Never seen a game like this. It is an exploration game about the Indian culture.

An allegorical story mixing different visions and interpretations. Every visit will be different, everybody will see unique content. Explore all continents, visit lost temples and mystic places. Meet sages from different civilizations and discover ancient revelations. Solve puzzles and visual paintings to unfold hidden messages. Find special keys in the game and access deeper thought.

ONA allows you to travel around the world in a meaningful and immersive journey.

Reveal the meaning of your quest. Wander through a universal and timeless adventure that will lead you into the unexpected depths of the world and of yourself.

Kickstarter Page | Game Page

Are you preparing a Kickstarter campaign for your indie game?
Contact us! We will try to help you to share it!

Sunday, October 10, 2021

New Languages, redesign and tags!

 Hi! Did you see the latest updates on indiexpo?

We never stop and recently we improved the website to be more useful for gamers and developers!

At first we translated indiexpo into two new languages: Filipino and Thai!

With the help of several users from the indiexpo's community we translated the latest words and now also the younger developers and gamers, from Thailand and Philippines, can use the website easly!

It's also redesigned two areas of indiexpo, Subscriptions and Your Games (for game developers)

Now you can see the latest news and updates of the followed games and to left a comment faster!

Another new feature is about the Comments Area of the Game Pages. Now you can tag another user when you left a comment and he/she will receive a notification about it! And added a new anti-spam system! 

And there are other small features like the possibility (finally) to change your password and email in Settings Area and to see the new UI of the Level Area!

And more has coming!

Stay tuned and play indies!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

From Dev to Dev. It is time of roguelike indie games in pixelart!

Recently we talked about Witchcrafter: Empire Legends, a dark fantasy, story focused, pixel art platformer metroidvania with elemental magic, that is reaching a lot of new players every day!

A little gem made using Defold, a new engine game! Now this indie game, playable also online, has over 35,000 players! But there a re a lot of metroidvania games every day... and Paweł Jarosz, the solo dev behind Witchcrafter, shared his feedback about a new game in pixelart recently uploaded on indiexpo and added also in the Top 2 Indie Games of August 2021 video! From Dev to Dev is back!

Let me talk about Light Keeper by Hugo Laion, a game I spotted on indiexpo and it got me very interested and I would love to share a word or two to the dev from the dev :)

Light Keeper is a pixelart roguelike platformer with a background story about a city plagued by creatures crawling from underground which was ages ago protected by magical light that supposed to be eternal. Unfortunately it was not.

As a queen of this city you must stop them and light up those torches. This is a nice excuse for making such type of game.

After introducing the setting let me first focus on mechanics and gameplay at first and then we will go to a technical breakdown with a lot of advices not only for Hugo, but for all indiedevs!

Light Keeper is a platformer with non-intuitive, but smooth controls. The character is moving really nice, has a noticable inertion - nice acceleration and decceleration.

However, as a gamer I am used to jump with Space bar, but here Space is for dashing. You jump with W key, which is very hard for me to use in the heat of a battle.

Some controls customisation would be very nice to have (but I know how hard it is to implement!).

The character has useful platforming abilities like sliding and jumping on walls, edge grabbing etc. This is so nice to have in a modern platformer and it makes the game less stiff comparing to classic ones. I like it!

The creatures are starting to crawl from the darkness and you begin to feel the pressure. It is really hard to survive here! Random spawning of enemies is not yet balanced well.

It happened to me to meet a boss I couldn't even scratch, while he got me smashed in a turmoil of (almost unpredictable when first met) missiles trajectories.

The current, random structure of encounters made it impossible to introduce mechanics and learn useful tactics and behaviors on weaker enemies, before encoutnering a challenging boss.

You are generally put in the middle of a boiling battlefield and after just a few moments of peace, you need to fight for your life. Tension is very high here - this is considered as an advantage for some players!

When it comes to audiovisuals the first thing that attracts my attention are assets used in the game. As a dev, I am very familiar with the market and I understand that being a solodev, as Hugo is, means you would like to utilise what is available.

I do the same myself. However, this means you could see a bunch of different art styles mashed up in the game which may distract you from the mechanics.

This is also very hard to present the game to others as it lacks its unique style at first glance. I know that struggle!

The key for this to be thoughtful is to add your own spice to the game so it is unique. Hugo manages to do it pretty well.

Light Keeper is made in Construct 2 and introduces a nice lighting shader. The structure of the game is clear for me, there is also a compass in game that shows you where the closest torch is.

The GUI is pretty scalled-up in this game, covering a lot of the screen - it is also demands some time to get used to it. In general this is a solid platformer and a good roguelike with high tension.

The game is available in English or Brazilian Portuguese.

If you like such genre it could be an interesting title for you to check out!

Good luck, Hugo, with the further development! You have make a huge milestone in your career - completing a game, releasing it and gathering a feedback is undescribed precious for game devs!


Saturday, July 10, 2021

IndieGame Review: Dragons & Goblins in a new adventure platform game! Witchcrafter!

Witchcrafter is a great platform game filled with adventure, excitement and plenty of action. 

Here you play the role of Estel, a very young witchcrafter that grew with Trismegistos. He took care of him, and even trained him in a variety of different ways. 

Now your character is able to control all the elements, however the problem is that his power is uncontrollable, so you have to rectify that. Your focus is to try and save the world, while making sure that you keep Trismegistos, Fasteus and all your friends safe. 

No one really knows what resides beyond those doors, and you are in for quite the challenge. Within the Witchcrafter world you will find dragons, goblins and a variety of creatures that try to steer you away from your path. You need to do everything in your power to improve your skills, overcome all the obstacles and push your skills to the next level. 

On top of that, this is the perfect time to train yourself and take control over your skills. You can use your magic spells and abilities in order to access locked places. Every decision you take in Witchcrafter will have an impact on your journey. 

You have a variety of choices as you play, including a branching dialogue. Take the right decisions and follow an amazing story, while interacting with the world and taking better control over your powers!

This game was developed by Pawel Jarosz using an new game engine, Defold, and you can play it directly online on your browser!

Friday, May 21, 2021

25 RpgMaker Games in 5 Minutes

Some time ago we published on our YouTube Channel a video with the 20 Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Games in 5 Minutes. It was incredible! One of the most watched video on our channel!

So now we made a new video with other great games made using another famous engine: RPG Maker!

On our website there are a lot RPG Maker games for a good reason. The first version of the website was born to link the RPG Maker and Game Maker communities all around the world. So now you can find also very old games made using this engines. The games showed are in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and more!

And now our video with a lot of Rpg Maker Games!
Below the list with the Games' Titles and link to download them! They are ALL free!

0:00 - Rookie Hero

0:05 - Aedemphia

0:13 - Wandering Souls

0:23 - Elys

0:28 - La Leyenda Heroen

0:36 - Detective Trap

0:47 - El Dorado 2

0:58 - Pocket Quest!

1:14 - Velsarbor

1:19 - Nocturne: Rebirth (月夜に響くノクターン Rebirth)

1:32 - Fleshfoward

1:35 - Our Hero! Hyper Sword

1:43 - Sunset Over Imdahl

1:52 - Element of Chaos

2:06 - The Lady Puppet

2:17 - Theia, The Crimson Eclipse

2:33 - Il Pifferaio di Hamelin

2:41 - The Seventh Door

2:49 - Zeeshan

3:07 - Yume Nikki

3:27 - Carnelian

3:49 - Dragon Slayer Gaiden

4:01 - Le Ruban Ecarlate

4:27 - Wild Rage

4:39 - Alice Mare

Friday, May 7, 2021

IndieGame Review: It's time to investigate with Brok!

BROK the InvestiGator is an adventure and beat-em-up game where animals have replaced mankind, developed by CowCat! It is not their first game, they already released few time ago, Demetrios, an adventure game (point&click)!

But Brok is different! Like an "evolution". This light cyberpunk world is filled with animals that live under a dome, away from the pollution outside the city. However, the city is not safe either. 

Here we play the role of Brok, an alligator who is a former boxer and a private detective. He lives together with the son of his deceased wife, a new case that he is working on seems to shed some light over this. The game is designed to easily switch between side scrolling moments and adventure/investigation areas. You need to use all your skills in order to try and investigate every location, while searching for clues. 

However, as you play you will encounter a multitude of enemies that you have to battle before you move onward. BROK the InvestiGator does come with various hints, and you can also combine clues to uncover the truth. Fights can be skipped if you want, but they offer a fresh, new way to play the game. 

Every choice you make in this game will impact the story and gameplay. 

Narrative-driven game that blends action, puzzles and investigation in never-before-seen ways. Will you use your brain... or your brawn?

There are 6 chapters to play through, each one with its own mysteries and challenges that you need to solve. Graphics exude the 80s/90s cartoons, and they help push the entire experience and gameplay to the next level. If you enjoy adventure games and beat-em-ups, then this is a great game to try out. The story is innovative, creative, and it also changes based on the choices you make. 

Give BROK the InvestiGator a try right away if you want a cool, fun game where your choices do matter!

Watch the Official Trailer!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

What is the plan for this new year?

Hi guys! Welcome back!

During the last year the website had a great boost. The reasons were probably two. The first one was a lot of players, all around the world, locked at home that were looking for free games to play. And the second one was big influencers in China that discovered and showed indiexpo on their channels.

So we thought "don't stop me now!"... and we updated the website with new features and fixed several bugs. We introduced Verified Accounts, the Share button, improved our home page and totally changed the Subscription Area.

As you can see, now you can visit the new Subscription Area to check for updates about the games you’re following. It’ll be like having your own, personal news feed!

But what are we planning for this new Year?

We were the first videogame website to also think about middle eastern countries, translating the website and changing its design so that it’s easier and faster to navigate - also by young developers and players from those countries. We want to continue to update and improve it during this year!

We are also going to work to create new automatic checks in order to prevent spambots and spam. The site’s design will be improved, we’ll add new details and animations, as well as new notifications about your progress on indiexpo!

What’s more, we’re also going to add a new area for developers and players, something totally new and never-before seen on websites like indiexpo! Stay tuned!

Continue to be a part of this community, watch the latest videos and follow the best game developers, all on indiexpo!