Sunday, 7 February 2021

What is the plan for this new year?

Hi guys! Welcome back!

During the last year the website had a great boost. The reasons were probably two. The first one was a lot of players, all around the world, locked at home that were looking for free games to play. And the second one was big influencers in China that discovered and showed indiexpo on their channels.

So we thought "don't stop me now!"... and we updated the website with new features and fixed several bugs. We introduced Verified Accounts, the Share button, improved our home page and totally changed the Subscription Area.

As you can see, now you can visit the new Subscription Area to check for updates about the games you’re following. It’ll be like having your own, personal news feed!

But what are we planning for this new Year?

We were the first videogame website to also think about middle eastern countries, translating the website and changing its design so that it’s easier and faster to navigate - also by young developers and players from those countries. We want to continue to update and improve it during this year!

We are also going to work to create new automatic checks in order to prevent spambots and spam. The site’s design will be improved, we’ll add new details and animations, as well as new notifications about your progress on indiexpo!

What’s more, we’re also going to add a new area for developers and players, something totally new and never-before seen on websites like indiexpo! Stay tuned!

Continue to be a part of this community, watch the latest videos and follow the best game developers, all on indiexpo!

Monday, 9 November 2020

Updated the Cards!

Another new little feature on our weird website! 😁

Inspired by Reddit (and I remember that also YouTube was experimenting it few time ago), now if you put your cursor on the usernames into the comments area and you can see a preview of their stats and profile page! 

Check it out!

We also updated the URL of our social pages!

New Twitter URL, now with over 1,000 followers!

New Facebook URL, now very near to 3,000 likes!

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Verified Users!

On indiexpo website everyone can upload a game. And several time the users upload games that are not theirs.

It is not a problem if it is a free game and you want to archive it and/or you compile correctly the form with the right author.

But how to see if the game is uploaded by the "true" author? Internet is a mysterious place...

Now we added the Verified Users!

imscared uploaded by MyMadnessWorks

The badge of the Verified User will be showed not only in the "author area", but also near the username in the "comments area"!

Are you interested to have this badge? Now there is still no official form to compile, but if you are interested, you can contact the Staff using the email or on our Social Networks!

Have a nice day!

- indiexpo Staff

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Share Button, New Languages, New Exclusives and something new Everyday!

What have been the latest changes made to iindiexpo?

It’s been mostly bugfixes, optimizations, expansions, and some small changes!

Without further ado, let’s see what’s changed!

- Share Button

We added a button that allows to share your game much more easily and rapidly on a lot of social networks to every game page. It even comes with a QR code to print or scan, to share with anyone around you!

- More automatic checks during uploads

More automatic checks were added when a game developer tryes to create a new game page. Many kinds of checks were added, the most important ones put in place to avoid spam. Now, if a game developer tryes to make a page with an external download link, the site will automatically check if there are other games with the same external link. Furthermore, every user will be able to create a maximum of two game pages per day.

- The navigation bar has been improved

While before there were both a vertical and an horizontal navigation bar, now it’s all been included in the vertical one, which will allow you to move between different areas much more easily and rapidly.


- Added slovakian and persian support

Two new languages were added, once again thanks to the help of the indiexpo community! Adding persian is a remarkable milestone, as it makes indiexpo one of the first game hosting websites completely translated in an arabic language! We’re still fixing the site architecture relative to this new language (we gotta flip everything right to left)!

- Something new everyday!

The most recent edit, instead, was adding an area to the HomePage that will change every day. One day it will show “Games that have recently gotten more than 1000 players”, the next day it will show “The most recently followed games”, and the day after “The most relevant games that have no comments”, etc.

- More small things

New search filters in Advanced Search, new FAQ area, new User Titles depending on your level, bugs fixed regarding double notifications.

A new game has been published exclusively on indiexpo, Tony & Clyde (a low-poly adventure from a brasilian team, with a great color range and a perfect design), which was the first game featured on our latest video, the “Best of August”!

Before the end of the year we should have two other big projects done. The first regards a bug fix related to medals notifications, and the other a new functionality in the Events & Challenges area!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

20 Tips for your Indie Game Launch!

Hi indiexpors and game developers! A lot of time we received emails about how to prepare the Game Launch. We prepered 20 tips inspired by a very famous books for Startups, "The $100 Startup" by Chris Guillebeau!
  1. Be sure that your game has something that makes it different from other games.
  2. Choose a prize for the first players, however small.
  3. Is the game launch going to be interesting?
  4. Did you record a Video about it?
  5. Are potential players excited for the launch of this game?
  6. Share the release date (day and hour) in advance.
  7. Check the description of your game, the selected images and the video over and over.
  8. If you add External Links, check them out as well.
  9. Try to download and start your game, multiple times, on multiple devices.
  10. Share the description and images with your friends. Ask them for feedbacks.
  11. Did you create banners, artworks and extra images to promote it (if you could have)?
  12. Choose a goal to reach (number of players, followers, comments, etc.).
  13. Reply to all of your emails before the day of the launch.
  14. That same day, write a short and incisive message and send it to your friends, as well as to magazines, blogs, YouTubers and streamers.
  15. The day before your game launches, prepare a post to write on your Social Networks.
  16. Write to the first 5 players that play your game, thank them, and ask them for feedbacks.
  17. When the game is up, write once again to your friends, as well as to magazines, blogs, YouTubers and streamers.
  18. As soon as the game is up, make a post about it on your Social Networks
  19. Write a message to thank your players.
  20. Have fun, and prepare yourself for the next game!
Good luck!

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Posts, New Easter Egg Hunt and few updates!

Hi guys! Few updates!
As we said previously, we are publishing on indiexpo blog, several reviews of Game Developers for (new) Indie Devs with interesting projects!
The first one was about the pixel art, made by the pixel artist of Fantastico Studio, and the second one (posted few days ago) was about an adventure game by an artist of Ars Goetia Studio.

It's also started a new Easter Egg hunt! If you will play this game, Rookie Hero, and you will be the first to find the Easter Egg, you will win 500 Gems!
Remember to stay logged.

We also improved the desktop design of the website with few details and just one bar on the left. It's added a new Share button in the game-pages to share your favourite games easily and quickly!