Sunday, 24 November 2019

Tips and tricks to new developers from expert indie devs

Hi indiexpors! 
Few days ago we contacted several developers to share an idea. And they liked it.
In the next weeks we will publish here, several tech-reviews with tip and tricks (and also what it's working or not, and why), about interesting indie games recently uploaded on indiexpo.
In the last period we released a new feature on indiexpo that is like the "trendings" on YouTube.
It shows the hottest games uploaded.

The tech-reviews will be written by other indie devs/3d artists/pixel artists/game designers/composers/etc. of other games uploaded on the website that had positive feedbacks and a lot of players.

Just one review from each indiedev.
It will be a nice reading to learn something new and to know new games and ideas.

From dev to dev.
The first posts will be released from the artist of The Blind Prophet, the developer of Knightin'+, the pixel artist of Fantastico Studio and others.
Stay updated and follow the blog!

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Updates! Notification-Icons, a new Area in Homepage and Trending Games!

Recently, we tackled the 'game rating' topic  It will not be immediate, but some 'limiters' will be gradually implemented, regarding things such as how long the user's account has existed, the user's level, etc.
A ranking system is something other sites lack and therefore we aim for it to be as clear and honest as possible. These changes will require effort, but they are necessary. It will take some time and some testing, but they are in the works.

Social Network & Marketing. In the next period, we will focus our 'marketing resources' on Facebook (the best social for a Desktop audience), to promote games that belong in the 'middle tier' on indiexpo.

What updates have been made to the site? 
First of all, you might have noticed new icons in the Notification area, that should make visualization more immediate.

In the homepage, we added a new mini-section, showing three random games that have recently gotten over 1000 players (still in testing stage, we're trying to see if people like it and use it).

Trending Games. By visiting the pages of games uploaded in the latest 30 days, you might have noticed 'Trending Games' written in some of them- indicating that that game is receiving a lot of attention when compared to other games uploaded in that timeframe.

Thanks to the help from the author of Knightin'+, the website has been entirely translated to Ukrainian. The translation, previously only 78% done, is now complete! And the new visits from Eastern Europe are already increasing!

Monday, 2 September 2019

Continuing to grow up! New LOGO!

Hey guys! This was a very HOT summer!
A lot of new cool indie games to play! Totally FREE!
And new game developers and streamers are now on the website!
It's incredible what this website is becoming!
We were born not too long ago just to link several communities and to share and upload our games easily and fastly.
And now every month we are adding new features, new games, new ideas! It's fantastic!

Now indiexpo has a new logo.
Modern, easy, clear and cool.

Under this brand we will continue to make indiexpo great!

But, what are the latest updates? What about the future?

  • At first we want to refresh the blog and help the developers, so we are going to focus on that- with a complete analysis and QA of the games recently uploaded on the website;
  • we updated the indiepad app, with a new button called "Home" to go back  to the Select Area;
  • it's improved the SEO of the Search Area;
  • we supported directly several good developers that uploaded very cool games!
  • we added a chart exclusive to the games uploaded recently (30 days), visible only to the developers, so they can see how their own games are going, compared with the new entries;
  • we helped a few Kickstarter campaigns receive founding!
Continue to follow us also on our socials! And join on Discord to be part of this!

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Where are they from?

Indiexpo's userbase is growing! As you know, the site is offered in 18 different languages, which makes it easier to find on many search engines from all around the World.

The passion for gaming reaches both young and adult people- and since it is hard for a very young boy to know english, if the syte is translated in their own language they can discover new games much more quickly and easily!

But where do all these passionate users come from? In order to answer that question, we want to show you Indiexpo's Stats regarding this topic.

From 01.01.2019 to 06.30.2019. The top 10.

As you can see, Italy comes in second place, because the website was born in Italy, and so the first games were all only available in italian

We added Hindi just a few months ago, but you can see how it already is in 4th place.

Brazil has always been around the top of the rankings. Russia has been going down, which is rather strange, since it had previously been 5th.

If you are an "indiexpositor", you should know we are also working to show this kind of statistical information in your Statistic Area.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Subscribers List and new Subscribe Button!

Hi! Just few new things to show!
We improved the design of the website, changing also the Subscribe Button!
Here it is the new one:

A new feature is the Subscribers List! Clicking on the subscribers number (near the players) you can see who is following a game. Like on instagram. Very easy

We are also improving the recommended algorithm in the home page, trying to suggest also the popular games of your favourite genre and of your language (observing your previous download and comments)

There are also two new interesting games that have the Score System of indiexpo!

  1. Endless Combat Dungeon (for the retrogaming lovers)
  2. Overlord's New Mansion (platform)

If you are logged, you can send your score in the online leaderboard automatically! Very easy and fast!
Try to be the BEST!

Monday, 3 June 2019

Any news? Online Status & Spoiler!

The Spoiler
The Evil on the Earth.
Always so hard to avoid.

Watching movies, playing games, reading book. Spoilers are everywhere.

For this reason, we added a new way to write comments on indiexpo.
Now adding || this || you can write what do you want, hidding the text and to make the world safe for other players.

Just this? Oh, no baby.
Here it is another small feature. The Online Status.
In the Profile page (yours or another user), you can see if he is online or not!
Very easy.

Any news about games..?
Oh, sure. We just published on Youtube (and Facebook) the video with the best games uploaded during May 2019!
Discover them!

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Champions and file/link preview!

Hi guys! We are continuing to improve the website adding few fixes and new features!

In this period we are focusing our attention on the players.
So we added:
- Latest Champions in Events Area
(You can see who are the users that realized the latest records in the games with the online leaderboards)

But indiexpo is also the only website where you can upload your game on our servers or also just to put the link to an external link.
But "where I am going?"
For this reason (inspired by Reddit) we added two features:
- icon in the Download button if it has an external link
- file name (or link preview) when you're clicking on the Download button

And to make it fun, now you can also:
- to add links to images or gif in comments (and news area). The website will show them automatically!