Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Best Chrome Extension about Free Games!

Are you waiting your 9 minutes on reddit to post?
Are you uploading a video on Facebook or Youtube?
Are you loading a Netflix episode?

While you're waiting you can click on the orange button and start to play a random game!
Fast to load, fast to play and with a lot of new games every week!

Here it's one of the best Extension for your Google Chrome Desktop!

Start now to discover all the free games! Play all of them!
Coming soon it will be also for Mozilla and Opera! Stay tuned!

A special thanks to Xeryan! That help us to make it!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Shortcut, new areas and website in Korean!

Here we are!
We added several news recently!
In September + 15% games downloaded!
Very nice result! And also this October is going very well!

The main changes / improvements were:
  • restyle of the area about the game news and comments
  • added new medals to win! (we're improving also their notification settings in this period)
  • added the possibility to create a shortcut to the user page using @username
  • in home page now there's the area called "in the case you missed" with the latest news about the games that follow
  • ‎improved the SEO of different pages (and it's increasing the traffic from Google! Yeah) 
  • ‎formatting system also in the comments area
  • ‎new design of the game pages
  • ‎added translation of the site in Korean (87% we're still completing it)

Indiexpo is growing up and more and more users are coming... which involves more and more work!
In this period we are completing also a new feature about the achievements (now testing) and a way to earn money through the site!

New exclusive games and several interviews on Facebook / YouTube by indie teams (really cool) are coming!
And thanks as always for your support!
With your help we are reaching new goals and we are helping a lot of new developers with their games!
Thanks! And stay tuned!

indiexpo staff

Saturday, 21 October 2017

4 Free Creepy Games to Play this Halloween!

Hi guys!
Here it's 4 Creepy Games that you can Play this Halloween! They are all free and indie!

Let's start!
The first game came from the Deep Web. Here it's Sad Satan

Sad Satan is a PC game built with the Terror Engine, first reported on the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner on June 25, 2015. Following initial reviews, the channel's video of the game was picked by a number of English-language publications [unreliable source?] and later internationally.

The second game is an Horror Rpg. So cute and so creepy... it's Annice

We start following one girl, Annice, from when she wakes up in a mysterious garden and she doesn't remember where she is and why she's in this place. Everything is new and a bit creepy, and she looks the only one alive in there..or maybe not. Two angels are warning her about choices she will do in future and one man looks angry when Annice found something in his house.Why? Play
The third game is another game from the Deep Web... it's the Suicide Mouse

It's a very famous creepy pasta game! With the dear Mikey Mouse...

And the last game is the Sequel of the famous Ao Oni, it's Nira Oni

Nira Oni is an English #fangame made during Summer 2012. The game features the original four from Ao Oni, along with two new characters. Like the original, Nira Oni features random chases, puzzles, exploration through the floors of an abandoned hospital, a branching storyline and multiple endings.

Good night and good Halloween! Bhuhahahahahahahha

Sunday, 15 October 2017

How to embed your favorite (free) games on your own website or blog!

It's so easy and fast add your favourite game on your own website, blog or forum!
Here it's the result:

How to do it?
Very easy. Find an "online game" on indiexpo, click on embed...

... and copy and past the code!
Easy and fast!

Friday, 29 September 2017

User Stories : 6 Eyes Studio - I left EA 2 years ago to work on my own game

I left EA 2 years ago to work on my own game: a tactical RPG with great pixel art and lush hand-drawn battle maps.  After more than a decade working in the video game industry, the last 4 at EA, I decided it was time to do away with "non-compete agreement employment" and I quit my job to follow my dream and start working on my own game. 

Together with my wife, a kick-ass pixel artist, we set off to create Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark, a story-driven tactical RPG aiming to bring back the glory days of Final Fantasy Tactics and the like. Today, we're both developing Fell Seal on a full-time capacity and making awesome progress. 

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a fantasy universe, with a touch of steampunk. We're focusing on a mature story and dialogues, an intricate and vast class system and solid core gameplay. The game is a mix of lush fully hand-drawn environments with carefully crafted high-res pixel art. 

The gameplay aims to be as faithful as possible to timeless classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, but brings in its own set of improvements and additions, such as improved UI, a novel items system, potent visual character customization and lots of exciting abilities (to name but a few!).

The maps feature various types of terrain and elevations, which allows for more options and crafty play during combat. For example, tossing a unit that can't swim into water is going to yield pretty potent results...

Our artist decided she needed to draw a ridiculous amount of clothing for characters, so we created a system that lets you customize the visuals of your units from a very large array of portraits, outfits, skin colors, hats, hairs, accessories, eyes, etc. All with many color options. With this system, none of your units are going to feel generic (unless that's your thing).

This makes for as large and varied an army as you fancy it... You can set up all your units in the camp view, which allows you to change their gear, abilities, class, etc as well as craft new gear and items. You'll also be able to unlock secret classes, on top of the 20 core classes.

The game focuses a lot on the story, which is told via in-game cutscenes in a mix of the style of games like Final Fantasy 6 and Tactics Ogre.

We launched our Kickstarter for Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark 2 days ago and we're 15% funded at this point.

Fell Seal has an incredible amount of at put into it (we're up to about 80,000 individual sprite frames at this point, which is a staggering amount), so we've been relying on the help of a few awesome contracted artists to make sure we can both keep the quality high and the timeline as lean as possible. The Kickstarter will allow us to keep using their vital services and aim for a Q3 release in 2018.

We're off to a good start on Kickstarter and the community there has been awesome. We hope you're liking the style of our game and will consider supporting us on Kickstarter!

Feel free to post any questions you might have (preferably about the project, but anything else works too, lol)! We'll be happy to respond!

6 Eyes Studio

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Are you using Facebook to promote your game? Use the videos. 4 Tips (and Stats)!

Facebook is focusing its attention on videos, you know.
It wants to overcome Youtube.
it's possible that you have a FanPage on Facebook to promote your game. So, it's very good to use a video. Not only trailers, but also "GamePlay", "How we made it", etc.

But... what're the features of a good video on Facebook?
Stats and Tips.

  1. Upload a short video. Max 90 sec. Facebook rewards videos of that duration.
  2. Very short description.
  3. Try to use the Live but max 15 minutes.
  4. Share the videos with your friends.