Saturday, August 6, 2022

Why my game was removed from indiexpo?

Are you looking for your game page but you can not find it?

Probably your game was removed! But... Why?

Probably it was removed because:

It was reported by users for one of this reason:

  • Broken Link
  • Spam or misleading
  • Sexual content
  • Violent or repulsive content
  • Hateful or abusive content
  • Infringes the rights of another user or developer

Usually the first reason (broken link) is the most common. Checking your email you can find one or more alerts (ignored).

Or the link to download your game is just a link to a website where it's not possible to download the game (easily and fastly).

Another reason could be that you didn't reach more than 15 players in 30 days and the staff evaluated to remove the game page.

But no worries! You can upload again your game!

Fix the previous issues or try to share your game page to reach more players and... Good luck!

It's all part of game!

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Never Back Down! The latest updates!

Hi guys! Recently another games-platform started to mail intimidations, to paralyze our services, supposing several violations.

Luckily we found very good (senior) partners that suggested us what to do. We didn't suspended our website and those "intimidations" were retired.

This 2022 is very crazy!

But probably you are here for the updates...let's start!

Latest Updates:

- you will see your own (last) comment on top in the game-pages commented;

(so you can follow the discussion easily and fastly)

- improved the design of the pages for wide screens;

(We fixed yesterday ther last graphic-bugs, tell us if you see something strange)

- Added Greek language;

(But still not Greek games)

- Added new cards when you level up.

But the biggest update will come this summer (I hope). It needs a lot of tests but it will make the platform more competitive for players!

Continue to follow and support our social pages! We need your help!





Wednesday, April 20, 2022

5 Metroidvania indiegames to play if you loved The Last Faith and Hollow Knight

Metroidvania is a subgenre of video games that features a combination of mechanics first found in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Metroid. This now beloved subgenre had its humble beginnings in the 80s as then unrecognized Japanese developers toiled over the creation of complex levels and truly challenging difficulty. What were initially just elements of a series became systems in a subgenre, disseminating across the ever-expanding world of video game development.

One of the best great indie game of this subgenre were The Last Faith, released few time ago on Steam and Hollow Knight, with a lot of fans and a huge community!

The Last Faith is an exploration-based Metroidvania, action side-scrolling platformer with dark and gothic horror themes at its core. A very professional studio behind this project!

Hollow Knight is a challenging and artful insect-based adventure. As a cute little bug, you go up against deadly creatures and intricate traps. Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps a vast, ancient kingdom. Many are drawn beneath the surface, searching for riches, or glory, or answers to old secrets. As the enigmatic Knight, you’ll traverse the depths, unravel its mysteries and conquer its evils. Developed by Team Cherry.

But now we can see 5 metroidvania indie games to follow, discover and download on indiexpo if you loved The Last Faith and Hollow Knight!

1. The Crown Stones: Mirrah

The Crown Stones: Mirrah is a Metroidvania with RPG / Action / Horror and Adventure elements that will show the world of the dead like never seen before, a game full of secrets and puzzles that becomes more difficult and darker and has as main inspiration the game Castlevania and Dark Souls.
Developed by Frater Studio

2. Witchcrafter: Empire Legends

One of the most played game on indiexpo! Witchcrafters are skilled sorcerers able to control four elements: fire 🔥, air 🌪️, water 💧, earth ⛰️
With character progression you can master also derivatives: electricity ⚡, ice ❄️, flora🌱, lava🌋.
Your choices impacts the branching story, political situation and relations between a cast of distinguishable characters. Estel will evolve from a young, stubborn kid to a mature, but distrustful witchcrafter.
Estel can reach any ledge. Get advantage of the smooth platforming movement and your unique skills. Explore secret caves and sanctuaries, dense forests and wilderness, visit villages and towns.
Witchcrafter's intent is to become a systemic game - with 🔥 fire propagation, 💧 water simulation, physics based dynamics and even terraforming. Decorative elements, flora and enemies should all react to player's actions.
It's a platformer with metroidvania and RPG elements, heavily based on elemental magic spells and unique abilities allowing to reach locked places. It is a story rich adventure with a lot of branching dialogues and difficult decisions to make.
Developed by Pawel Jarosz

3. Skelethrone

Recently uploaded and also on Kickstarter. Skelethrone is a action RPG with metroidvania elements and soul-mechanics. Game that combines the skilled combat of a souls-like game with a profound and evocative narrative storyline.
A great adventure inspired by writer Michael John Moorcock, consisting of non-linear levels. It is in English and Russian.
Developed by 70' Strike Studio

4. Nightkeep

Nightkeep is a 2D metroidvania-like platformer with RPG elements set in a fictional medieval fantasy world, accompanied by an original story.
Developed by PixelABCD

5. Inmortis

Face corruption and insanity through a ruined world ruled by twisted Gods where every fight will be a challenge. It started few time ago also a kickstarter campaign.
Developed by Pecking Crow Studio

Sunday, March 6, 2022

We didn't think the filter would work so well... the filters (redesigned)

We didn't think the filter would work so well!

Throughout November and December we reintroduced a feature (redesigned): filters per games.

We strive to work towards site simplifications, and creating a minimalist design.

We included features to promote smoother user operations. This resulted with positive user feedback.

This is incredible!

We will continue to work and improve this function!

Other recent news:

  • Fixed a bug that would send you an email notification about your comments
  • added the Greek language to the site
  • translated the email notifications

Thursday, February 3, 2022

It was not the best way to start the new year...

When things go well, no one ever thinks that it could all go wrong...

2021 had just ended, with the team on Discord, we were discussing how this year we had obtained more subscribers and views than the previous year. There were talks of new features being added, improvements being made and how they can impact the site in 2022.

Everything was going smoothly, and we did not suspect that the unexpected was just around the corner. The first days of January the site began to have problems. The server appeared unreachable, and the site is inaccessible. We start the "standard maneuvers" and after a couple of postponements, everything was back to working.

Two days pass and the site is down again. No changes had recently been applied to Indiexpo, which made it difficult to understand what was going wrong. However, this made us understand that the problem was at the server level and not at the code level.

The "standard maneuvers" didn't help this time, so we were lucky enough to have the site programmer come to the rescue. He finds a strange connection between the site and the server. He doesn't quite understand what's going on, but he finds a way to recalibrate some settings and the site is back up and running.

But after a day the site is down again, and the error seems even more serious.

Chat started to think that the site is closing. We received emails and reports of users who were unable to access the site for days. Talks on social media had everyone guessing to what was happening on the website.

We contacted the service that sold us the server. They reassured us by saying that the problem does not depend on them, and that they do not detect problems, but the site is still down. This time it cannot stay up for a few minutes without crashing, and the programmer no longer knows how to address the faults. This was seemingly impossible.

The service staff who sold us the server propose a hardware replacement. Components that should improve the performance will be presented and replaced.

We accepted and waited anxiously.

Then the news...

We are contacted again, and we are told that during the replacement of the various components, the hard drive with all the games and data appeared to be damaged.

We immediately check the backup, and we realize that it is not up to date at all and the material that we could lose would be substantial. So understandably, it resulted in the closure of the site.

The programmer explains that if the hard drive still turns, maybe we will be able to recover some files. If it does not turn, we should go to a specialized centre to try to recover the data. However, the latter option would be very expensive, risky, and extremely difficult.

It was agreed that the work would be carried out in two attempts.

The first attempt is made.

It fails...

This 12-year long work could all end. The beginning of 2022 can mark the end of a site that is now part of our daily life.

We begin to contact a specialized centre (with exorbitant costs) and we begin to think if we should start over (impossible) or change the site entirely. We were totally disoriented and helpless.

The second attempt begins.

Success! All games and data are recovered!

The site is put back online, the backup restored and enhanced.

indiexpo still lives!

Thanks guys for being close and supporting us!

We are back to stay!

Let's do it!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

3 interesting games now on Kickstarter & indiexpo

Recently a lot of new Indie Games were uploaded on indiexpo website!

A lot a small teams or solo devs use this platform to upload also their free demos to reach feedbacks and improve their game to prepare a good crowfounding campaign!

During November there are three interesting crowfounding campaigns started on Kickstarter of games already released on indiexpo!

The first one is Heat Fragments!

It already passed Kickstarter, reaching over 12.000 $!

It is a very professional visual novel, with a small team but with amazing skills! We love anime and manga and here the level is very high!

Heart Fragment is a psychological otome game where your choices play an important role not just in the route you're on, but in the game as a whole. 

The result is hundreds of player choices to make, more than 100 CGs, two art styles to choose between, 6 routes, a highly customizable finale where you choose the "true ending", and an estimated total of 40 hours of content!

Make your way through 40+ endings - romantic, platonic, even a mix of the two for "the hope of romance to come". Stay on guard for bad endings... or dive headfirst into them and learn what information they can reveal to further advance the plot!

Kickstarter Page | Game Page

The second one is River Tails!

We noted and loved this game from the first time that it was uploaded on indiexpo!

The cartoon style is great and the animations are perfect!

Now it is live on Kickstarter and just passed the 50%!

River Tails: Stronger Together is a 3D co-op adventure platformer with a colourful cartoon aesthetic. Teammates must work together to defeat end-of-level bosses and solve puzzles across a range of natural-world environments. River Tails is perfect for all sorts of gaming partnerships: friends, couples, siblings, and even parents with their kids.

The main characters aren’t the most obvious partnership. In fact, these animals are often cast as enemies. Meet myth-busting mates Furple the cat and Finn the fish!

Play either as Furple, the curious and excitable purple kitten, or Finn, the independent fish with a bit of an attitude problem. You’ll embark upstream with these unexpected allies, towards the icy mountain where Furple’s family are in mortal danger. Can you save them in time? To make progress up the river, you’ll need to master just two core actions: jumping and grabbing.

Good luck guys!

Kickstarter Page | Game Page

The last one is ONA.

Never seen a game like this. It is an exploration game about the Indian culture.

An allegorical story mixing different visions and interpretations. Every visit will be different, everybody will see unique content. Explore all continents, visit lost temples and mystic places. Meet sages from different civilizations and discover ancient revelations. Solve puzzles and visual paintings to unfold hidden messages. Find special keys in the game and access deeper thought.

ONA allows you to travel around the world in a meaningful and immersive journey.

Reveal the meaning of your quest. Wander through a universal and timeless adventure that will lead you into the unexpected depths of the world and of yourself.

Kickstarter Page | Game Page

Are you preparing a Kickstarter campaign for your indie game?
Contact us! We will try to help you to share it!