Saturday, 16 April 2016

User Stories : Lorenzo Bolognini - From Indiexpo to my First Comics Convention

"Hi, i'm Lorenzo Bolognini, aka Lollo Rocket Diver, the author of Theia.

After a great and exhausting weekend at the Cosenza ComiCS convention, and after our 13-hours long return trip, we're finally back home and it's time to write a few lines about the experience!

This was our first convention, and despite a bit of initial shock, everything went really well. 
We know all too well our games are a niche genre: they don't attract huge crowds. And yet, the audience we've attracted was exactly the right one: people who couldn't even believe the makeshift sign we used during the convention. 

All of the fans of the old Final Fantasy series (by that, I refer to the first 10 entries) and '90s J-RPGs in general loved our works, especially Theia, which is what we were counting on. 
The favorite game among younger kids, surprisingly, was The Old Ones, a game we created in less than a month just... because. That's incredible! 
I'm almost thinking about a remake, to make it better and a bit more streamlined. That wouldn't be that bad of an idea. 

Games aside, we met a metric ton of great people, such as the developer of Call of Salvenee - a complete nutjob, but a good one. He kept us company with his satire about Salvini and the Prime Minister the whole time. Oh, and we finally met MrSte in person: he created Crime, Live or Die and Akuma no Gakko. We also got to meet the guys at Portal Games and the Cosenza ComiCS staff: incredibly professional and helpful, they exceeded my expectations. 

So, to cut this sort, 

I'd like to send a big Thank You towards those people who made this experience unforgettable. Thanks to all the guests who visited our stand, to those who stopped by and praised our work, to those who are downloading our games wirght now, to the Cosenza ComiCS staff and the guys at Scrigno Azzurro, and finally to our friend Luca (from now on, I'll call you p[R, you're great at public relations) who helped us with everything and took us to the best food places in town. Well, I hope we can do this again! We're already looking at future projects now, let's see what we can do. 
There's some bug fixing to do in Theia, so it's likely you'll see a new release in the Indiexpo website a few weeks from now... Moreover, since no one has done it yet, I should probably modify our old games to change the team name in OnDead Games. There's so much Seraphic Gate stuff still out there. Better change it. See you next mission!"

- Lorenzo Bolognini/Lollo Rocket Diver

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