Saturday, 9 April 2016

User Stories : Lusianl - Several Downloads in little time with a very short Demo

Hello everybody, I'm Lusianl and I'm one of many guys that lives in the wonderful world of indie games.

Just one month and a half ago (more or less) I published a short Demo version of my game Wild Rage, made with RPG Maker, in indiexpo and I wanted to give you some tips, in order to get a fair ammount of downloads.

1 - Have lots of friends and family! XD Don't be afraid of involving your acquaintances and relatives. If, like me, you have lots of friends, uncles, aunts, cousins etc... and they know your passions, stress and force them to test the things you do!
(the same applies to co-workers!)

2 - Do not underestimate social networks (facebook, twitter, google+ etc...). Register and find people who share your hobbies; remember : 'who follows you, want to be followed! The "Like" or the "Subscribe" here and there doesn't hurt anybody, as a matter of fact it can lead to interesting cooperations, with people who can help you to improve!
Twitter is a huge help for this: posts are published at very high rate and guys who love videogames are happy to quickly retweet and share. If you're a designer, instead, you might want to try on facebook, the birthplace of many artists and designers!

3 - Subscribe to videogame forums! Be an active member of the comunity and get them to know you! Personally, as a "maker", most of my downloads come from Rpg2s, the biggest comunity in Italy, and from makerando, the official RPG Maker Italian Comunity. But I published the game on many other forums, foreign too. They follow, but alas, they never comment!

4 - Create a Blog, with everything that you do, your ideas, your hobbies, your passions. You have no idea how many people, in the whole world, can think the same way!

5 - Make it interesting! Always be respectful of others, don't be rude or arrogant!

These are several tips to get people to know you and if you thing this is nonsense well... remember that in indiexpo i got over 300 downloads in little time only with a very short demo of my game : Wild Rage Giant Bluster , only in Italy! Not bad, uh..?

- Lusianl

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