Wednesday, 18 May 2016

6 Tips about Kickstarter Game Projects. How to Successfully Fund Your Game With Kickstarter & indiexpo

Gaming on Kickstarter has already experienced some huge successes, for example, Tim Schafer's first successful Double Fine Adventure opened the floodgates.

Gaming was Kickstarter's biggest funded category in 2012, raising $83 million for successfully funded projects.

Here they are several tips to use indiexpo website to successfully fund your Indie Game with Kickstarter.

1. Have a Free Demo.
Don’t try to fund an idea. Everyone has cool ideas for video games. Few people have a demo to play.
It should be free, so you can spread it easily and fastly.

2. Post your game and add Links.
Add your free demo on indiexpo and in the form, in the Website Area, add the link to Kickstarter.
Also in the description you can write to click on the Website to go in the Kickstarter page.

Add also in the Kickstarter page the link to indiexpo to download the free demo.

3. Add a Video Gameplay.
Make a video Gameplay on youtube with a link to the Kickstarter page and a link to the indiexpo page, to download the free demo. Make sure your videos are short and to the point. Then add this video in the Kickstarter page and in the indiexpo game page.

You don’t need to do funny, gimmicky things, though that doesn’t necessarily hurt.

If your game is cool and has several downloads, the indiexpo Staff can help you to have a video gameplay made by famous youtubers.

4. Refresh your page.
Every time that a big donation is done, add a news on your indiexpo game page with the name of the backer, the reward and that the campaign is going on.

5. Read the comments.
Respond to every single comment on indiexpo and Kickstarter page. Do it; why not? Let these people know you are there if they need to ask or say something.

6. Many followers, few backers
If you have several followers on indiexpo but few backers on Kickstarter, try to undestand how it's happen and write news about this on your game page. When you post it, the followers will recive a notification about it.

Kickstarter can be a very good tool for smaller studios and teams to make unique, wonderful games.

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