Sunday, 31 July 2016

The 3 features that should have a game to be downloaded (or sold)

Do you never ask yourself if the game that you're developing will be downloaded ?

We have a website to discover, watch and share originally-created games.
And we too did ourself the same question (changing the word "downloads" with "visits").

But there's an answer. A very right answer.
So, we can start to see the 3 features that should have a game to be downloaded !

1. Marketability

Are there gamers interested about this kind of game ?

You can start to see the last downloaded games in the stores and see what is their gameplay, platform, features, etc.
If you're doing a game for SNES is very hard to share and spread it. The games made NOW for SNES haven't marketability. ( Warning : to do a game with the style like an old game of SNES is different to do a game for SNES, because a game with a retro style has marketability). There are games more "marketable" than others... and if is better to do a game for a big group or a little group is a topic that we will analyze in the future.

n.b. About the "marketability" you can also read Paul Grant.

2. To do what the gamers want.

Oh, yes... i listened, at Svilupparty 2016, a speech of Are Sundnes (Hyper Games) and at the end he said : "Do what you love and love what you do". Ok. it's right. Because if you hate your work you can never do something of good. But if you love to do a very boring game... it's a problem. If your goal is to develop a game to download and play...   there are situations where one has to come to an understanding.
Let's introduce, in the game, several features that the gamers love.

Or, the best of the best, introduce in the game, features that the gamers want in the games but they can't find.

3. Originality

It's very hard to find a new idea for a video game. An original idea.
There are billions of games in the stores. But if you find a new gameplay, a new style, a new feature... you're on the right way.
Also because if you have a game with a good marketability, with the features that the gamers want... but your game is like the other games... it's very hard "to shock the users" and reach several download.

It's easy to write this things... but it's hard to find (and put) all of them in a videogame.

This features are suggested by Mark H. McCormack, an American lawyer, sports agent and writer. He was the founder and chairman of International Management Group, now IMG, an international management organization serving sports figures and celebrities.

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