Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Convince People to Click on your Game : The first Screenshot

The first screen of your game, that is used like cover of it, is very important.
It's like a good dress. If you are a boy with an amazing talent, a nice personality and rich... If you haven't a good dress is harder to "hit" a girl than have a good dress.

The first look/screen has only one goal: convince the user to click and open the page.

So you should hit him with colors, an animation or an original image. And, at the same time, the first screen will be also the cover of your game.

So I want to show you several "first screen" posted on the indiexpo that convince to click. They are all cured, animated (so they evidence own presence) and fresh.

Keep attention and choose the right first screen!
And now you can also read the 3 features that should have a game to be downloaded !

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