Sunday, 2 October 2016

How you can develop a game that attracts like the football ?

Do you like football ? How you can develop a game that attracts like the football ?
And what I can learn from it to develop a popular game ?

So. We can start. The main question is :
Why do many people like football ?

The football is the most popular sport in the world.

It's so popular for three main reasons :
1 - It's easy
2 - It creates Heroes
3 - Money

1 - It's easy and it's "free to play".
This is, IMHO, the main reason. It's easy. Everyone can take a ball and start to play it. The rules are very easy and it's funny.
It's the same logic adopted by League of Legends. First of all it's free to play and everyone can start to play lol. Download, setup and play. The logic is easy, the rules are easy.

2- It creates Heroes
From dust to Glory. Maradona, Pelè, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, etc.They started from the dust (Pelè was a poor boy from Brazil) and now they are the best of the best. Cars, houses, models, pools, fans. The football creates the mith. Your economic condition is not so  important, You can be a star.

3 - Money
It makes money and the people makes money. Bets, sponsor, commercial spots, etc.

About the last point, in several countries it's also illegal win money with an app or a game. But think different. Your players can be money playing your game on youtube or writing a post on their blogs. If your game "captures" views, they will talk about it.

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