Wednesday, 23 November 2016

User Stories : Signorino Alessio - How to Make an Horror Game

Hello guys! My name is Signorino Alessio!
I'm the developer of Silent Memories P.T., a fan RPG Maker game based from the famous original game Silent Hills P.T. developed by Hideo Kojima for Konami.
I just want to say first of all, thanks all of you supporters, when everyone test it and says how good it was, that makes me very happy! 
I'll continue to work on it, to give you something that Konami didn't.

About your games:
As a developer, I want to give some advices if your planning to create games!
First of all, you really need to think what you want to do, and be sure if you could really work for that game, because if you think to do something you can't realize, you could give up soon. I had this problem one time, trust me. My favourite RPG tool is VX Ace, because is professional but simple. It can support most of formats and it have a lot of resources. You can obviously choose some other engine, but this is what I love.
If you are planning to create something big, find help and create a team like us, you can't do it all alone! About the publish, it's better by starting on RPG Maker Forums, that's the nice place to publish your games, like I did on "Rpg²s", one of the best Italian Forums. You can add your games on IndieDB ecc... I would prefer Indiexpo because it has free access for every player and developer, and the staff is really helpful!

My story: How Silent Memories is born?
I always liked and played the Silent Hill saga. I meet this game my first time when I bought Metal Gear Solid, which included the Silent Hill 1 Demo. After the PS1 game, I played Silent Hill 2 & 3 on PS2 and I really started to love this series. Even if I couldn't play other Silent Hill games, I always watched the others series on Youtube.
The day I met Silent Hills was during PewDiePie's gameplay
I really liked the atmosphere of that game, but then it comes the bad news: Silent Hills Cancelled. After 2 years, I saw a lot of fan games based on P.T., but I never seen a RPG Fan Game, so I just said "Why don't we try too with an RPG Maker version?". So the project started, and finally is here. Of course, I couldn't make it without my friends, everyone in the Team helped for Testing, Graphics and especially my two best friends Silvio Fosso, my Co-Developer, helping every time, and Dakota James Emery Dennis, our best composer, who did a Soundtrack Cover of the original Silent Hill 1 Theme.

My pubblic:
People seems enjoy our creation, and that make us really happy!
For the success, we started to think about a sequel with the full story of this game.
For the sequel I searched a lot of theories of the Silent Hills fans, and we found everything useful for the full plot! We're just thinking to call the Sequel
"Silent Memories P.S.", which means "Playable Story" or to leave it Silent Memories, because the first letters S.M. could mean "Story Mode". People asked to make it for MV, but unfortunally, that engine can't use my strategies, but anything could change. I want to say again, thanks all you folks!

Our goal, is to let people know, that TwoD Studios can bring some beautiful games made in Italy! 
Thank all you folks and thanks to Indiexpo and his staff!

- Alessio Signorino, TwoD Studios

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