Friday, 23 December 2016

All the features of indiexpo 2016... !

What're the features added by indiexpo during the 2016 ?
Here they are:
  • Added Goals
  • Improved Swedish and Portuguese Languages
  • Added Netherlander Language
  • Improved SEO of the game page
  • New Email to contact the Staff
  • Subreddit about indiexpo
  • Added how many users follow a game
  • New chart about the most followed games.
  • Added new Statistics about your game
  • Added Smile Game Builder and Twine Engine at the Tool List
  • In the game pages, now you can click on the left and make a search.
  • Added a red label about the games that you can play online.
  • Now you can add hashtags in the description or in the comments
  • Added Stencyl Engine at the Tool List
  • Added the preview of the youtube-videos when you put a link.
  • New Chart about Most Downloaded Games (Last 30 Days)
  • New Language: Russian and Polish
  • Added AMP Game Pages
  • Added Russian language
  • Levels, Points and Powers
  • Added Swedish language
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Added Superpower Engine at the Tool List
  • Feed Rss about every game
  • Badges in the Game Page on Mobile
  • Improved Mobile View
  • Added Indonesian language
  • QR Code of your game
  • Added Share Buttons (Facebook, Google + and Twitter)
  • Feed Rss about indiexpo
  • Added the Site Map Area
  • Improved Notification Area
  • Added Godot Engine at the Tool List
  • Added Polish language
  • Use the gif like screenshot of your games
  • Events Area
  • Added Footer
  • Added Info Page
  • Improved Most Downloaded Query
  • Moved "Set Language" from top bar to footer
  • Fixed bug with website in game creation
And other big news are coming !!

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