Sunday, 5 February 2017

Create your brand with your own sprites

Obviously, images are a crucial part of your game. Modern users are obsessed with visuals because it drives more engagement and contributes to brand recognition. Sadly, you won’t get much brand awareness using cheesy "stock sprites" taken by other famous games.

"Stock sprites" ruin your credibility. They send meaningless or even wrong messages to your visitors. Your graphic must be relevant and authentic. Your own sprites should be used for a reason and push your potential clients towards your main goal – create your brand.

Yes, I know. You're a developer and you use only paint to make sprites.
There are a lot of website where you can buy assets. Or you can visit website like fiverr or freelancer where you can find artists that can help you with your low budget.
Or join to the jams. Like the Global Game Jam or Ludum Dare where you can meet new friends and future colleagues!

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