Monday, 24 April 2017

3 Tips to improve your Game Dev Skills

Case studies
If you're already watching other's projects, you better watch case studies.
To see the full process instead of looking at the final product only.
Hear the brief, listen to the firsts ideas and the description of the process overall.
Usually the important stuff are not shown because they don't look good on screen.

Try to learn from everyone
How the garbage man collects the garbage. How the plumber carries his pipes. How a kid picks his nose. Take a professional and observe how he does he do something. professionally,  Check how experienced designers reach a similar outcome. Observing their way, slowly adopting their methods and improving those

Skip forward
The idea Won't always come. Sometimes it's better to move on, pass for the moment. Sometimes it's better to just hop, In the street, between events, books and over rules.

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