Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Why-why-why, like an annoying little curious child. 
Many times, that simple question, reveal the lack of information. 
Why does the customer want to write this in the ad, Why does he wish to publish an ad there or at all., Why to play this game.

Suddenly we found out things that should have been known before.
Usually, things are "obvious" just because we got used to a schematic way of thinking.
When we'll ask, some will laugh like it's a silly question - but then, only after they'll get lost in trying to answer, we might find interesting information. 
Or they'll simply answer. 
And there always be those with the huge ego that will say that they knew it all. 

Even what they haven't known, like they have actually known, but just wanted that we'll ask them so we'll understand more...

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