Monday, 5 February 2018

News & 2018 Goals

We were born in small forums like this, we made a website with no money, no support by huge company and no superskills. We trained day by day and the website attracted several developers and players. There are still big Goliath to fight.

So, the 2017 was a great year for the indie games! So many cool games!

Those are the recently new features (and improvements) and the goals of the 2018!

first of all... The News!
  • improved the view of the website for mobile (easy to read and to navigate)
  • new area Challenges opened! It's in Events. It's still in beta but it's working good! The games showed are uploaded by few beta-devs
  • improved the Console area
  • improved the SEO of the Comments and News Pages

The Goals
  • it's coming new games in exclusive for indiexpo. If you love the TV series, you have to play the first one! It's very cool! 
    Landflix - the demo in exclusive for indiexpo
  • increase the visibility of the website in Russia, China, Corea and Japan
  • to improve the Suggestions Area with the best games to play for each gamer
  • we want to add a very transparent and good system to left the developers earn money. Also with a partnership program with few Devs!
  • to add a Virtual Memory Card to start to play your game on Desktop... And continue to play it on Mobile
  • to improve the indiepad feature, so the users can play those games automatically also on their phones.
indiepad on mobile?

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