Tuesday, 29 May 2018

So many updates! New Languages, new Console, Score System and so on!

Hey indiexpors!
Here we are with other news about the website that it's growing up day by day!
When it was born, it was just another website with free games, not so sure to see a new day. But now it's smashing and there are over 2,000 games, so many feedbacks and a great community of crazy players and devs!

So the latest news/features/adds:
- website translated in Finnish (thanks to Virva) and Ukrainian (thanks to quizcanners)
- improved the Suggestion Algorithm
- improved the Notification System
- improved the Badge System for Devs and Gamers
- added Comments Area in the User Page (to show the latest games commented by the User)

- New subareas in the Indieconsole! How many players are in your room?
- added the link to the User Page in the Notification Area
- Score System Completed (now with Notifications and the author can delete the Fake Scores)
- added the Date in the Comments

- 30 Games that support the Score System!
- Over 2,000 Free Games!
- added new filters in the Advanced Search (Online Games and Games with Scores)

And now?
Now we're finally working on an original support system for the developers and the "Daily Challenge" for the best players!
Stay tuned!
We're planning to complete it in June/July!

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