Thursday, 27 September 2018

Changelog... Chrome Addons, Malay, Chromecast & Bugfix!

Hi indiexpors!
Recently we improved the website with several little features and fixes!
To improve the experience of developers and players!

Let's start!

  • Now you can see, in the User Page, the latest Games with Score System Played!
  • Added the Adult Filter, that you can switch (on/off) in your Settings
  • Improved the Game News Area, with buttons to follow or download the game, easily and fastly 
  • bugfix, bugfix, bugfix
  • Added Malay Language!
  • Improved the Recommended Algorithm in the HomePage also for no-logged users!
  • Are you playing an online game and received a notification? Now you can move the mouse on the top and open the Notification Area, no exit from your game! 

Other nice info!
Over 800 Users are using our Chrome Extension, to play online game from your browser!
Adding the Chromecast Support to our indiepad app, to use your TV like a free virtual game console!

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