Sunday, 31 March 2019

Champions and file/link preview!

Hi guys! We are continuing to improve the website adding few fixes and new features!

In this period we are focusing our attention on the players.
So we added:
- Latest Champions in Events Area
(You can see who are the users that realized the latest records in the games with the online leaderboards)

But indiexpo is also the only website where you can upload your game on our servers or also just to put the link to an external link.
But "where I am going?"
For this reason (inspired by Reddit) we added two features:
- icon in the Download button if it has an external link
- file name (or link preview) when you're clicking on the Download button

And to make it fun, now you can also:
- to add links to images or gif in comments (and news area). The website will show them automatically!

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