Sunday, 23 February 2020

2019 vs 2018

Hey guys! We missed to post the stats about 2019 Vs 2019!
We was distracted by this month that is going very good!
So...Here they are!
The 2019 was very positive! More new users, more page views and more sessions!
What's the main reason? Probably the social networking and the good games!

As you can see Facebook is still the social #1 for our traffic, also because on indiexpo there are a lot of pc games and Facebook is used by "pc users".
YouTube helped us thanks to several big YouTubers that played several games uploaded during the 2019 on the website!

We are continuing to grow up and a lot of users visited the website typing directly "" in the URL bar!

They know it and they like it! And we continue to improve it with new features, new games, new developers and new events also this year!

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