Sunday, February 7, 2021

What is the plan for this new year?

Hi guys! Welcome back!

During the last year the website had a great boost. The reasons were probably two. The first one was a lot of players, all around the world, locked at home that were looking for free games to play. And the second one was big influencers in China that discovered and showed indiexpo on their channels.

So we thought "don't stop me now!"... and we updated the website with new features and fixed several bugs. We introduced Verified Accounts, the Share button, improved our home page and totally changed the Subscription Area.

As you can see, now you can visit the new Subscription Area to check for updates about the games you’re following. It’ll be like having your own, personal news feed!

But what are we planning for this new Year?

We were the first videogame website to also think about middle eastern countries, translating the website and changing its design so that it’s easier and faster to navigate - also by young developers and players from those countries. We want to continue to update and improve it during this year!

We are also going to work to create new automatic checks in order to prevent spambots and spam. The site’s design will be improved, we’ll add new details and animations, as well as new notifications about your progress on indiexpo!

What’s more, we’re also going to add a new area for developers and players, something totally new and never-before seen on websites like indiexpo! Stay tuned!

Continue to be a part of this community, watch the latest videos and follow the best game developers, all on indiexpo!

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