Sunday, May 7, 2023

Win Prizes by Completing Exciting Quests!

During this first semester, besides fixing a few things (such as the Advanced Search, which now has a better design and a new filter for searching games by year), we have finally released a new important feature that we are excited about: Quests!

What are the Quests? How do they work?

We have revolutionized the Events section!

You can go to the event page, "Accept" the mission assigned (which can be to "find an object", "survive as long as possible", "get a certain number of points", etc.), then play the game and receive 100 gems as a reward!

Why this new feature?

Many sites similar to ours often organize events/jams for developers. We didn't want to follow this path, which has already been widely used by others (also because in the end, a contest can be organized very well on a forum, social media, or elsewhere). We wanted to focus more on games and players.

How to create missions linked to your own games?

The fundamental thing is that the game is playable online. Then just contact the staff (by email or on Discord) to enable the scoring system and create linked missions!

A more effective notification system has not yet been integrated, but every day we are refining and perfecting this feature!

Try to win some missions and let us know what you think!

We are sure that players will love this new gaming experience, where they can accept fun challenges and win gem prizes!

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