Saturday, 30 July 2016

How to increase the Fan Base of a Videogame ?

Several developers asked us : "How to increase our Fan Base ?"

Do you have a game... or several games based on the same character/plot... but only few players ?
Do you want to know how to increase your fan base ?

Oh, yes. The fan base, in this time, it's all. If you have a good and big fan base... when your new game will come out, they will download it and talk about it with their friends ! And it will be able "to beat competition" in the first page of the store or on indiexpo in the "Most Downloaded Games !"

But... how to increase it ?
Our answer is very easy... i don't know.

I don't know... and i don't think that there's a right answer.  I can't tell you : "do in this way... and ... ta-da! Here it is !".
Oh, yes. You can pay. You can "boost" the post about your game on facebook with a lot of money... but it helps you only in the first moment. It will be only a big but very fast fire. And few minutes later... it's all like before.

The only thing about "how to increase the fan base" that we can tell you... is our experience... and the our tools.
Do they work ? Mhm... yes. They works good.... they work sufficiently...  so... they work. Until now. I hope.

First of all is very important to know your community. It's very very important.
And not only with polls or generic questions. But every single user.
If you can... meet them ! Organize free event and meet them. Or join and talk to them. Discover what they do and what they love in your game, if they have ideas, if they have tips for you and/or for your games.

Remember that you're doing a game for your community, for your players. You can start the game... and develop the game... but then the game is of the players. So, you should help them and "serve" them. Your game is like a "service" chosen by the users. You can think your Team (or you) like... McDonald. McDonald chooses how to do his "sandwich", it cooks the BigMac but it's for the customers ... and McDonald will serve them.

All of this ... but never give up your identity.

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