Wednesday, 27 July 2016

You choice your gamer.

In the previous post we analyzed The Time.
Now we can analyze the second point : The Choice

It's not the User that choices your game. But you choice the user.
You choice your gamer.
It's a very very big difference. Huge.

You don't pray the user to download your game (several time it is not so professional and is almost humiliating), but give the occasion to the gamer to play your game.
It's an invite. Let's select.

It's not a game for all. But it's a game for who you want.
So the user will consider himself an important person, not one among many others, but a lucky guy with an exclusive occasion.

So every time you want to show your game, place yourself in the right position where you can select your gamers.

And in this moment you can also introduce The Time. Now you can give at your gamers a deadline to play your game or left a feedback.

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