Wednesday, 27 July 2016

When he says : "Ok, I will download it later!" ... It's a disaster.

There are two points to remember, that can help you, when you want to spread a game (free or commercial) : the time and the choice.

In this first part we analyze "The Time".

When you give a link to download the game and the user tell you :"Ok, I will download it later" ... it's very bad. It's a disaster.
Or another bad situation is when, in a chat, the user tell you "Ok, you can start to write about it ... i will read it later!" or "Ok, but fastly! I have only 5 minutes !"
Bad bad bad. Because it means that your game doesn't "shock" the gamer.

How to solve ?
The first tip is to give always a deadline. 

There is a limit ... and beyond that limit you can't go on. In this way you send "hurry".
It also to give a professional profile. What're you doing ? Do you want to wait 2 years to see the feedback of that user ?
And this deadline helps also you to organize your time and your plan. In this way you can tell yourself "Ok. This user/community/group isn't interested in my game. I can focus my attention on other goal/group/community".

The user have to understand that it's an occasion that you give him. He's lucky. And if he don't move his mouse, he will lose it.

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