Tuesday, 30 August 2016

15 Ways For a Game Developer To Get More Followers

1. Create dope art.

2. Use hashtags.

3. Comment and follow other people’s games to generate more followers and comments for you. 

4. Mention your Game Page on your other social media channels. Let your followers know what perks they get when following you.

5. Quality > quantity, so only post news you’re proud of and make sense for your game.

6. Tell your followers who you are and what you do.

7. Research the best time to post news on indiexpo so to get more visibility.

8. Be consistent. Know what you’re posting, who your target audience is, and how many times a week/day/etc. you plan on posting.

9. Use calls to action to keep your followers engaged by encouraging them to participate.

10. Don’t be scared of posting often.

11. Be authentic. You’re a real person, and so are your followers. Respond to their questions, leave thoughtful comments.

12. To boost your brand and increase visibility, create your own hashtag, and encourage your followers to use it.

13. Share candid, behind-the-scenes photos to showcase your brand’s unique personality.

14. Share your followers’ screenshots, especially ones that mention your game, to encourage others to post screenshots of your work.

15. Be yourself. Remember: your game rocks, and so do you.

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