Thursday, 11 August 2016

How can your game compete with Pokemon GO ?

How can your game compete with Pokemon GO ?
Scale is often the secret to a commodity business and if your game to be better than GTA V, the only possible outcome doesn’t look good.

But what happens if your game decides to race to the top instead?

What if they say, “we’re always a dollar more than GTA V”?

And then they spend that dollar, all of it, on the music ...

What kind of person buys your game with the inaudible music?

GTA V becomes the bottom fisher, and your game is the place you go once you've proven yourself...
And a game should be a good way to relax.

Seth Godin that speaks about this topic, makes an example with the fast food :
what would happen if your fast food place said, “we’re the place that charges you a dollar extra at lunch,” and they spent all that dollar in paying their employees and their suppliers a living wage?

Some people will always want the cheapest, regardless of what it actually ends up costing them. But in market after market, the list goes on. Projects and organizations that proudly charge a dollar more.

Not merely a dollar more.

A dollar more, and worth it.

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