Saturday, 13 August 2016

How to Add your own RSS Feed to Twitter (or Facebook)

Many developers use Twitter (or Facebook) as a way to communicate with gamers, fans and followers, keep up with trends in their area of expertise, like a devlog and advertise their own game. Now indiexpo helps you to share your game (and its news) on Twitter(or Facebook), with the RSS. It stands for Rich Site Summary, is a way that developers can notify others of a newly published post.
By automatically sending their news to Twitter (or Facebook) via an RSS feed, developers can save time and, when publishing scheduled game news, stay active on Twitter even when they’re not online.

Here we explain how to link the News about your game to Twitter (or Facebook).

1. Register with Twitter Feed by entering your email address and a password of your choosing. Twitter feed is not part of Twitter, but a free service that automates the RSS-to-Twitter process for Twitter users.

2. Enter your game name.

4. Go in your Game Page on indiexpo, click on News and then click on the icon. 

5. Copy the URL link. This is the RSS URL.

6. Past the RSS URL of your game.

7. Choose Twitter from the services available. You can also feed your RSS to Statusnet, Hellotxt and Facebook from your Twitter Feed.

8. Authenticate your Twitter (or Facebook) account by clicking on the large blue “Authenticate Twitter” box. This takes you to Twitter, which will prompt you to enter your Twitter user name or email address, and your Twitter password. Then click “Allow.” Twitter will then direct you back to Twitter Feed with a green bar at the top of the page that reads, “Twitter authentication successful.” The same for the Facebook account.

9.  Click “Create Service,” and the service will begin feeding your posts with the next one you publish.

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