Friday, 2 September 2016

Smile Game Builder

Here it's a new tool : Smile Game Builder !

SMILE GAME BUILDER is a software for Windows that enables you to create role playing games (RPGs) without programming. no programs or scripts need to be written for any of the elements involved in the building of an RPG, including the creation of maps for the stages of the game, allocation of items, various stage effects, and creation of balance in fighting. While all maps are expressed three-dimensionally, the RPG can be built without having to create any 3D-modeling data for expressing the three-dimensional qualities, or having to spend time on figuring out the layout and setting while considering depth.

It looks like Rpg Maker Series... but with a new cool feature... the 3D !

SMILE GAME BUILDER, a RPG creation tool enabling you to create whole new worlds of your own!

No need for any sort of programming expertise! 
All you need is a desire to create your own RPG.

You can try the free demo on Steam

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