Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Game images in your Game Page

Game images can make or break your game's success. You can hire the best game designer in the world to create a killer design and ux, but when images posted on a website like indiexpo or Kickstarter are bad, downloads will be bad. It’s the first thing a gamer will look at.

Even studies show that people that "shop" online value product images. The most important features of a product page are:

Quality of the product images
Several images
Alternate views of the same game

In this post, we’ll go over a number of things you need to consider when adding game images to your game page on indiexpo.

One of the things we tell our developers is to use images of the gameplay in the different areas.

Using game images with the games in use works best (gameplay in high quality and/or full hd), because people will be able to see themselves playing that game. We need to try to give our players that same experience. So : in the Screenshots Area, use images of the gameplay.

It seems so obvious to use high quality images. But we have been telling you to reduce the file size for years, right. First of all, that doesn’t mean you have to use a crappy, blurred image of just a few kBs.

Internet connections are getting faster. There are just a few so-called white spots (locations with no internet at all), with a total size of a couple of baseball fields. That also means we’ll have less difficulties downloading your larger product image files. You’ll need larger images anyway, as that leads us to another necessary feature of our website: ability to zoom game images.

If there is no proper game image available, create one or capture your desktop (while you're playing the game).
It's the same as an online shop.

Shopify ‘s guide (one of the best Shop Online) on product images states:
"Your product images can be any size up to 2048px by 2048px, or 4.2 megapixels. […] Higher resolution photos will look more polished and professional to your customers, and we typically suggest 1024px by 1024px as a guideline for square product images."

Woocommerce states that the minimum dimensions should be 800×800 pixels. That seems to make sense, as it will perfectly fit most tablets as well without any problem. Smaller will lead to distortion, and we have established you want quality images, right?

You want to be able to look at a game from all angles. Show all the areas. if it's a RPG, show the battle system, the world map and the other maps.

P.s. Remember that on indiexpo you can also upload GIF !

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