Saturday, September 17, 2016

To Make a Text Adventure with Twine

Do you remember the first Text Adventure Games ?
Like Colossal Cave Adventure, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Adventureland, Zork !

Now you can create a game like them with Twine, where you don't need to write any code to create a simple story.

Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work on indiexpo (uploading the zip) and play it online. Easy and fast.

But... how to make a game with Twine ?
First of all : Download Twine.

The first step is Start . Don't change this name.

  Double click on it to write in it.

The player can go to that passage by clicking on the link, like any internet hyperlink. You can add it in this way:

Now your passage has an exclamation point in the corner. This means you're linking it to a passage that doesn't exist, because you haven't made it yet. Click on the button that looks like a piece of paper with a little twinkle in the corner!
Double-click it, open it up, give it a name, and write in it!

If you go back to the first passage and add ANOTHER link to ANOTHER passage, now you've got a branching story. Now the player has a choice!
 Or at least, she will when you publish the story. Click on "Story" and then "Build Story..." You can save the story somewhere as an HTML file.

Now put the file in a zip folder and upload it (clicking Add File) on indiexpo.

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