Saturday, 5 November 2016

Also for the Game Developers is the Time of the Video Interviews !

Community : a social group of any size whose members share the same passions, hobbies, works and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

It's nice to see how the interviews of the developers are showing and making a nice community (and not only on Twitter where the developers use #indiedev only to promote own games and ignore the others), where they report their experience, the followed indie games and authors and how they develop their games.

The interviews for a game developer are very important and in particular the video interviews. Now it's the time of the videos. It's not fortuity if Facebook is making moves to become 'video first'. Mark Zuckerberg says video will soon consume the lion's share of attention of its 1.7 billion users. And it's making aggressive moves to get people to make and view more video.

With a video you can tell fastly and easily infos about your games, passions and your favourite artists. So we're catching this opportunity realizing short videos with fast questions and fast answers.

The previous Summer we wrote posts (on this blog) about the Game Marketing and several developers contacted us. So now you can find their interviews here or on our Facebook Page.

We will continue to publish this kind of interviews and if you are a developer and want to join... contact us ! You will be added you in list ! :D But remember to share your free game or demo on indiexpo! ;)

See you soon !

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