Tuesday, 23 May 2017

User Stories : LifeLit Games - My first "showcase-experience"

Our experience at Svilupparty, huh? 
Well, the event was awesome, many people came to our stand to play Houdini: The Grand Magus, some of them, after have left came back with more friends to play the game with. 

The most positive thing about presenting a game at Svilupparty was the possibility to get feedbacks and first of all.. who doesn't like compliments? 
Houdini: The Grand Magus

There are many plus in presenting games at events like Svilupparty, first of all the possibility to talk with colleagues and enthusiasts. 
At the start, when the organizers told us where we should had to stage our booth we were already super hyped. 

When the people started to come at our stand we became yet more excited and of course started talking and making friend with everyone. 
In the end we got many useful feedbacks and some calling cards from other developers. In these days we'll apply many changes suggested by the players, like adjusting difficulty and make some aspect of the game more clear. Our "pro tip" for the ones who want to partecipate to this kind of fair is to always be kind with players even though they may say terrible things at your product and always have calling cards!

- LifeLit Games

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