Monday, 5 June 2017

What is the indiepad ?

Hi guys!
Thanks to indiexpo community, now is out a new way to play the indiegames on indiexpo.
It's a "new gamepad".
If you have an android smartphone, go here and download the app (it’s free and always will be).

In this way your smartphones will be the gamepads and your browser will be your own console.

Are you a developer?
You're probably wondering "How to add it at a games of mine?"
It's very very easy. It works only for the games in html5 or webgl (so, made with Game Maker, Construct 2 or 3m Unity 3D and other).
Upload the zip of your game (like each html5 game) and click on "Enable indiepad support".
It's all. Easy and fast.

No script, no code!

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