Monday, 2 September 2019

Continuing to grow up! New LOGO!

Hey guys! This was a very HOT summer!
A lot of new cool indie games to play! Totally FREE!
And new game developers and streamers are now on the website!
It's incredible what this website is becoming!
We were born not too long ago just to link several communities and to share and upload our games easily and fastly.
And now every month we are adding new features, new games, new ideas! It's fantastic!

Now indiexpo has a new logo.
Modern, easy, clear and cool.

Under this brand we will continue to make indiexpo great!

But, what are the latest updates? What about the future?

  • At first we want to refresh the blog and help the developers, so we are going to focus on that- with a complete analysis and QA of the games recently uploaded on the website;
  • we updated the indiepad app, with a new button called "Home" to go back  to the Select Area;
  • it's improved the SEO of the Search Area;
  • we supported directly several good developers that uploaded very cool games!
  • we added a chart exclusive to the games uploaded recently (30 days), visible only to the developers, so they can see how their own games are going, compared with the new entries;
  • we helped a few Kickstarter campaigns receive founding!
Continue to follow us also on our socials! And join on Discord to be part of this!

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