Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Updates! Notification-Icons, a new Area in Homepage and Trending Games!

Recently, we tackled the 'game rating' topic  It will not be immediate, but some 'limiters' will be gradually implemented, regarding things such as how long the user's account has existed, the user's level, etc.
A ranking system is something other sites lack and therefore we aim for it to be as clear and honest as possible. These changes will require effort, but they are necessary. It will take some time and some testing, but they are in the works.

Social Network & Marketing. In the next period, we will focus our 'marketing resources' on Facebook (the best social for a Desktop audience), to promote games that belong in the 'middle tier' on indiexpo.

What updates have been made to the site? 
First of all, you might have noticed new icons in the Notification area, that should make visualization more immediate.

In the homepage, we added a new mini-section, showing three random games that have recently gotten over 1000 players (still in testing stage, we're trying to see if people like it and use it).

Trending Games. By visiting the pages of games uploaded in the latest 30 days, you might have noticed 'Trending Games' written in some of them- indicating that that game is receiving a lot of attention when compared to other games uploaded in that timeframe.

Thanks to the help from the author of Knightin'+, the website has been entirely translated to Ukrainian. The translation, previously only 78% done, is now complete! And the new visits from Eastern Europe are already increasing!

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