Sunday, 24 November 2019

Tips and tricks to new developers from expert indie devs

Hi indiexpors! 
Few days ago we contacted several developers to share an idea. And they liked it.
In the next weeks we will publish here, several tech-reviews with tip and tricks (and also what it's working or not, and why), about interesting indie games recently uploaded on indiexpo.
In the last period we released a new feature on indiexpo that is like the "trendings" on YouTube.
It shows the hottest games uploaded.

The tech-reviews will be written by other indie devs/3d artists/pixel artists/game designers/composers/etc. of other games uploaded on the website that had positive feedbacks and a lot of players.

Just one review from each indiedev.
It will be a nice reading to learn something new and to know new games and ideas.

From dev to dev.
The first posts will be released from the artist of The Blind Prophet, the developer of Knightin'+, the pixel artist of Fantastico Studio and others.
Stay updated and follow the blog!

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