Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Posts, New Easter Egg Hunt and few updates!

Hi guys! Few updates!
As we said previously, we are publishing on indiexpo blog, several reviews of Game Developers for (new) Indie Devs with interesting projects!
The first one was about the pixel art, made by the pixel artist of Fantastico Studio, and the second one (posted few days ago) was about an adventure game by an artist of Ars Goetia Studio.

It's also started a new Easter Egg hunt! If you will play this game, Rookie Hero, and you will be the first to find the Easter Egg, you will win 500 Gems!
Remember to stay logged.

We also improved the desktop design of the website with few details and just one bar on the left. It's added a new Share button in the game-pages to share your favourite games easily and quickly!

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