Sunday, June 21, 2020

20 Tips for your Indie Game Launch!

Hi indiexpors and game developers! A lot of time we received emails about how to prepare the Game Launch. We prepered 20 tips inspired by a very famous books for Startups, "The $100 Startup" by Chris Guillebeau!
  1. Be sure that your game has something that makes it different from other games.
  2. Choose a prize for the first players, however small.
  3. Is the game launch going to be interesting?
  4. Did you record a Video about it?
  5. Are potential players excited for the launch of this game?
  6. Share the release date (day and hour) in advance.
  7. Check the description of your game, the selected images and the video over and over.
  8. If you add External Links, check them out as well.
  9. Try to download and start your game, multiple times, on multiple devices.
  10. Share the description and images with your friends. Ask them for feedbacks.
  11. Did you create banners, artworks and extra images to promote it (if you could have)?
  12. Choose a goal to reach (number of players, followers, comments, etc.).
  13. Reply to all of your emails before the day of the launch.
  14. That same day, write a short and incisive message and send it to your friends, as well as to magazines, blogs, YouTubers and streamers.
  15. The day before your game launches, prepare a post to write on your Social Networks.
  16. Write to the first 5 players that play your game, thank them, and ask them for feedbacks.
  17. When the game is up, write once again to your friends, as well as to magazines, blogs, YouTubers and streamers.
  18. As soon as the game is up, make a post about it on your Social Networks
  19. Write a message to thank your players.
  20. Have fun, and prepare yourself for the next game!
Good luck!

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