Wednesday, April 20, 2022

5 Metroidvania indiegames to play if you loved The Last Faith and Hollow Knight

Metroidvania is a subgenre of video games that features a combination of mechanics first found in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Metroid. This now beloved subgenre had its humble beginnings in the 80s as then unrecognized Japanese developers toiled over the creation of complex levels and truly challenging difficulty. What were initially just elements of a series became systems in a subgenre, disseminating across the ever-expanding world of video game development.

One of the best great indie game of this subgenre were The Last Faith, released few time ago on Steam and Hollow Knight, with a lot of fans and a huge community!

The Last Faith is an exploration-based Metroidvania, action side-scrolling platformer with dark and gothic horror themes at its core. A very professional studio behind this project!

Hollow Knight is a challenging and artful insect-based adventure. As a cute little bug, you go up against deadly creatures and intricate traps. Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps a vast, ancient kingdom. Many are drawn beneath the surface, searching for riches, or glory, or answers to old secrets. As the enigmatic Knight, you’ll traverse the depths, unravel its mysteries and conquer its evils. Developed by Team Cherry.

But now we can see 5 metroidvania indie games to follow, discover and download on indiexpo if you loved The Last Faith and Hollow Knight!

1. The Crown Stones: Mirrah

The Crown Stones: Mirrah is a Metroidvania with RPG / Action / Horror and Adventure elements that will show the world of the dead like never seen before, a game full of secrets and puzzles that becomes more difficult and darker and has as main inspiration the game Castlevania and Dark Souls.
Developed by Frater Studio

2. Witchcrafter: Empire Legends

One of the most played game on indiexpo! Witchcrafters are skilled sorcerers able to control four elements: fire 🔥, air 🌪️, water 💧, earth ⛰️
With character progression you can master also derivatives: electricity ⚡, ice ❄️, flora🌱, lava🌋.
Your choices impacts the branching story, political situation and relations between a cast of distinguishable characters. Estel will evolve from a young, stubborn kid to a mature, but distrustful witchcrafter.
Estel can reach any ledge. Get advantage of the smooth platforming movement and your unique skills. Explore secret caves and sanctuaries, dense forests and wilderness, visit villages and towns.
Witchcrafter's intent is to become a systemic game - with 🔥 fire propagation, 💧 water simulation, physics based dynamics and even terraforming. Decorative elements, flora and enemies should all react to player's actions.
It's a platformer with metroidvania and RPG elements, heavily based on elemental magic spells and unique abilities allowing to reach locked places. It is a story rich adventure with a lot of branching dialogues and difficult decisions to make.
Developed by Pawel Jarosz

3. Skelethrone

Recently uploaded and also on Kickstarter. Skelethrone is a action RPG with metroidvania elements and soul-mechanics. Game that combines the skilled combat of a souls-like game with a profound and evocative narrative storyline.
A great adventure inspired by writer Michael John Moorcock, consisting of non-linear levels. It is in English and Russian.
Developed by 70' Strike Studio

4. Nightkeep

Nightkeep is a 2D metroidvania-like platformer with RPG elements set in a fictional medieval fantasy world, accompanied by an original story.
Developed by PixelABCD

5. Inmortis

Face corruption and insanity through a ruined world ruled by twisted Gods where every fight will be a challenge. It started few time ago also a kickstarter campaign.
Developed by Pecking Crow Studio

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