Sunday, July 17, 2022

Never Back Down! The latest updates!

Hi guys! Recently another games-platform started to mail intimidations, to paralyze our services, supposing several violations.

Luckily we found very good (senior) partners that suggested us what to do. We didn't suspended our website and those "intimidations" were retired.

This 2022 is very crazy!

But probably you are here for the updates...let's start!

Latest Updates:

- you will see your own (last) comment on top in the game-pages commented;

(so you can follow the discussion easily and fastly)

- improved the design of the pages for wide screens;

(We fixed yesterday ther last graphic-bugs, tell us if you see something strange)

- Added Greek language;

(But still not Greek games)

- Added new cards when you level up.

But the biggest update will come this summer (I hope). It needs a lot of tests but it will make the platform more competitive for players!

Continue to follow and support our social pages! We need your help!





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