Saturday, August 6, 2022

Why my game was removed from indiexpo?

Are you looking for your game page but you can not find it?

Probably your game was removed! But... Why?

Probably it was removed because:

It was reported by users for one of this reason:

  • Broken Link
  • Spam or misleading
  • Sexual content
  • Violent or repulsive content
  • Hateful or abusive content
  • Infringes the rights of another user or developer

Usually the first reason (broken link) is the most common. Checking your email you can find one or more alerts (ignored).

Or the link to download your game is just a link to a website where it's not possible to download the game (easily and fastly).

Another reason could be that you didn't reach more than 15 players in 30 days and the staff evaluated to remove the game page.

But no worries! You can upload again your game!

Fix the previous issues or try to share your game page to reach more players and... Good luck!

It's all part of game!

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