Friday, December 28, 2018

We did know how to keep a promise. 2018 Results & 2019 Goals

Just one year ago we made a list of our 2018 goals.
What happened?
Let's see it together!

  • To improve the Suggestions Area ==>> DONE & DONE
  • To Increase the visibility of the website in Russia, China, Korea and Japan -> DONE. We are one of the most visited website about free games in Russia, we're linking our website with a game dev University in Korea and were uploaded a lot of Japanese games.
  • To left the developers earn money ==>> DONE
  • Virtual Memory Card & to improve the indiepad ==>> The indiepad is improved, now you can use it also on TV using a Chromecast devices. The Virtual Memory Card is still not online, also because several developers are not interested about it.
  • Games in Exclusive ==>> DONE
And we added also a lot of new features!

- improved the Notification System & Area
- improved the Badge System for Devs and Gamers
- added Comments Area, Supported Games, Records and Suggested Users in the User Page (to show the latest games commented by the User)
- Score System Completed (now with Notifications and the author can delete the Fake Scores)
- website translated in Finnish (thanks to Virva), Ukrainian (thanks to quizcanners) and Malay.
- added the Date in the Comments
- over 30 Games that support the Score System!
- added new filters in the Advanced Search (Online Games and Games with Scores)
- AMP pages for the User Pages
- improved AMP game pages also with the suggested games
- now the Charts show only the games uploaded/updated in the last 6 months
- Language problem on the website? Now you can select your language on Settings Area!
- Improved Mobile View!
- Added the Adult Filter, that you can switch (on/off) in your Settings
- bugfix, bugfix, bugfix
- Are you playing an online game and received a notification? Now you can move the mouse on the top and open the Notification Area, no exit from your game! 
- New News Area
- New Stats in your own Game Page
- Improved the Game News Area, with buttons to follow or download the game, easily and fastly

And now?
We want to improve the Player-Experience.
Few time ago we make an egg-hunting and it was very funny! Were uploaded a lot of very good games and we helped a lot of developers with their Kickstarter Campaigns!
So, for the next year the word is MORE... those are our Goals:
  • More Events like the Egg Hunting!
  • More exclusive games, always FREE
  • To Continue to improve the Reccomanded Area in Home Page (it's very important for us)
  • More Games playable online
  • To improve the News Area
  • More feedbacks for the latest games
  • More way to use the indiepad
It's hard, but we can do it!
Together we can do great things!

indiexpo staff

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