Saturday, 11 January 2020

The 2020 is here!

Happy 2020, everyone!
Let's start right away with a nice devlog to talk about what's been recently added to the site!
Then, at the end of this devlog, we will also talk about what's coming next!
First off, let's talk about the goals we'd set ourselves last year and what came of them.

  • More events like Egg Hunting -> No Egg Hunting(s), but we had more games with a leaderboard system!
  • More exclusive games, FREE as always! -> DONE! And the last one for 2019 was Ultimate Reality
  • Continuining to improve the Recommended Area in the Home Page (it's very important for us) -> DONE!
  • More games with online functionalities -> DONE!
  • Improvement of the News Area -> DONE! Now it's easier to add images and youtube videos, since a few weeks ago we improved the Markdown system!
  • More comments on the latest games -> DONE! Thanks to the recommendation algorithm 
  • More ways to use indiepad -> DONE! With new buttons and the indiepad screen for mobile phone- read more below!

What did we add this year?

  • New logo!
  • Area Events & Challenges -> Added the 'Latest Champions' list
  • (Inspired by Reddit) Icons when clicking on the Download button if it contains an external link or file name
  • When adding links to images, gifs and youtube videos in the comments and in the News Area, the website will display them automatically!
  • New ANTI-SPOILER funtion in the comments (and in the news)
  • Online status in User Pages
  • Subscribers lists (like Instagram's) 
  • Indiepad: new Home button (to go back)
  • Improved the Search Area's SEO
  • Added a chart exclusive to recently uploaded games (less than 30 days), only visible to developers, so they can see how their games are doing, compared with new ones
  • Trending Games tab
  • Improved the Ukranian and Polish translation of the website, thanks to @Wolod and @Soulrender

What have we done lately?

  • Indiepad on the screen when you play an indiepad game on your phone!
  • In the homepage you can now see the 3 latest indie games to gain over 1000 players!
  • Players List (only for the games' authors), accessible by clicking on the Player Counter on your game's page!
  • Rating filters. Now you can only rate a game if you already downloaded it, your account is more than 10 days old, and your level is higher than 2.

Coming soon?

  • Website available in yet another language: Persian!
  • "From Dev To Dev". A series of technical articles written by more experienced users by looking at more promising games. The first will be by @FrancescaDeVivo, the artist for Fantastico Studio's games
  • Making the indieconsole even better
  • New blog posts about a few statistics of the site, comparing 2019 to 2018

What are our goals for 2020?

  • Focusing on the players
  • Supporting more developers or small teams putting their games up on Kickstarter
  • Making user experience on the mobile site different from the desktop site's
  • Raising the site's 'gamification'

Will we be able to do all this? Keep following us and we'll find out together!

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